Volunteer organizers, streamers, venue managers & match arbiters



 This venture would not have been possible without the help and support from those who helped in order to make it a success, we are most grateful for their support.


Peter Hornsby


Founder and Tournament Director



The 'NUCC 2015/16'  and '2020 Chess' 2016/17 seasons:


 Colette Spencer, Katie Raine, Isobel Cotogni, Nathalie Taylor, Jamie Slevin, Ben Raine, Josh Cavendish, Phil Purcell Elhans Imanovs, William Peck,

Sam Walker, Joel Wagg, Hugh Harris, Alex Taylor, Francis Kirk


The '2020 Chess' 2017/18 Season:


Robert Starley, Kughan Ravindran, Daniel Lowe, Scott Leadbetter, Gregor Ciccarelli, Phil Purcell, Nathalie Taylor,

Francis Kirk, Alex Taylor


The '2020 Chess' 2018/19 Season


Ashley Smith, Julian Morozov, Alex Taylor, Nathalie Taylor, Kughan Ravindran


The '2020 Chess' 2019/20 Season


William James, Alexander Taylor, Ashley Smith, Kira MacKenzie, Jacques Parry, James Connors


The '2020 Chess' 2021-2022 Season


James Lee & James Connors

The '2020 Chess' 2022-2023 Season

Hok Yin Stephen Chiu, James Connors, James Parkinson and Greg Cannon

The '2020 Chess' 2023-2024 Season

Philip Press & James Connors


Those who have kindly helped with the 2020 Online Tournaments and the World Chess League.Live


Fide Arbiter Adam Raoof

National Arbiter Andrew Horne

NM Corno Klaver

NM Winston Silva

WIM Jesse February

IM Andy Horton

IM Malcolm Pein

FM Jonathan Blackburn

FM Aron Teh

FM Calin Gheorgiu

FM Hamish Olsen

CM Stephen AJ Whatley

CM Dino Sujoldzic

CM Chris Briscoe

Aloysius Lip

Alex Taylor

Robert Starley

Daniel Hardman

Justin Wilken

James Connors

Maxim Dunn

Sam Walker

Ben Purton

Daniel Lowe

Mikey Groves

Andrew Todd

Louis Bothma

Tyler Pitt

Conrad Allison

Daniel Waller

Konstantinos Samaridis

Robert Lockwood

 Daniel Sinclair

Ilyian Stoyanov

James Lee

Laurence Ball

Miles Lee

Vincenz Bill

John Sargent

Will Taylor

Mark Bryan 

Kit McEvoy Gould

Cosmo Bobak

Tom Huxtable

Jesse Vick

Damian Nash

and many more....